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The Real Life Stories website was launched in 2013. It follows the legacy of Real Life Magazine and is dedicated to sharing the stories of how many people, famous and not, have found Jesus Christ to be the answer to life. Take a look, share the link, and don't forget to share your story.

We currently have more than 40 great stories on the site and the number is growing all the time. There are celebrities from the world of entertainment, the movies, music and sport. Household names, but also some ordinary people who have had an extra-ordinary encounter with a supernatural God. 

Real Life Magazine, published by CLR (Christian Life Resources), was launched in 2006. The vision was enormous - to place a glossy full-colour Real Life magazine filled with great stories of how people had found God through Jesus Christ in every home in the UK four times a year. With 25 million households in the UK this was not going to be easy. Tens of thousands of magazines were published and distributed, three pilot towns were covered twice, and the necessary support and finance for the project was well under way. But nobody could have foreseen the drastic economic situation that would enfold and affect the whole nation in 2008. Much of the funding dried up overnight and the credit crunch put the project on hold. Sadly, Christian Life Resources had to close down.

But good things can come out of bad. Following a major setback between 2008 and 2011, the year 2012 was a new beginning. Work began on designing the Real Life Stories website. It was launched in 2013 and it means that all 21 million UK households who have access to the internet can now access the site. But even more than that, it also means that 536.6 million English speaking internet users worldwide can now access the life-changing stories. This staggering number of people is way beyond the number a printed magazine could have reached. There are plans to produce sites in Chinese and Spanish so that the majority of the world's internet users will be able to access Real Life Stories in their own language. 

In this case, good has eventually come out of a bad situation and we are now able to reach people all over the world through the power of the internet.