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The theme of GET READY is the second coming of Jesus Christ which is recorded in Matthew 24. From the state of the world it looks to be soon!

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'Dare to Believe' was released in 2008. The theme of the album was inspired by a comment from a Christian speaker who said, "We need to be a people who dare to believe God even in difficult times."

11 Tracks:         

Love You More / Dare to Believe /  Live to Love You / Testimony of a New Man / Forever Faithful / I Put My Trust /  God of Creation / Set Me Free / Dare to Believe 2 / Still be There / Truly Free  / (c) 2008

 'Certain Songs' should be in the record books because Jim Godfrey and I took 30 years to record it. As students we played together as an acoustic duo. We started to record some of our songs in 1984, but life got in the way. We finally got it finished in 2014. Better late than never!

12 Tracks:

The Stranger / Free / Private Hell / Certain Songs /  Who Was That Man? / As The Dawn / Monday Morning / Don't Pass On By / Mad John / No Tomorrow? / Friday Morning / Many Years Have Gone  /  (c) 1984, 2014

 'Rock the Carols' was recorded as a charity youth project for Christmas 2008. Tracks were played on BBC and Independent radio stations in the UK. Hundreds of CD's were given away as Christmas presents to local people in Wiltshire in December 2008 and December 2009, and the events also raised money for charity. 


Mary's Boy Child / Joy to the World / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / O Little Town / Silent Night / The First Noel / Let the Bells Ring Out / Hark! the Herald Angels / Three Ships / Joy to the World (reprise)  /  (c) 2008

01 I Wish We'd All Bee Ready_There's Room.mp3

02 Without You.mp3

03 All I Can Say is Thank You.mp3

04 What A Friend.mp3

05 Swing Low Sweet Chariot.mp3

06 Turn Turn Turn.mp3

08 Harmony.mp3

09 Don't Be Alone.mp3

10 Get Ready.mp3

11 There's Room_People Get Ready.mp3

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02 Dare to Believe 1.mp3

07 God of Creation.mp3

08 Set Me Free.mp3

11 Truly Free.mp3

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01 The Stranger.mp3

03 Private Hell.mp3

11 Friday Morning.mp3

08 Don't Pass On By.mp3

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