Lessons from Titanic 

The Titanic was 'the ship of dreams'. A huge ocean liner the length of three football pitches, she was to be the biggest and most luxurious ship in the world.

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Noah and the Christian Movies 

Every so often something extra-ordinary happens that makes even the greatest sceptic ask soul-searching questions. 2014 has become the year of the Christian movie. And not just a couple of films either, but seven! 

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Amelia Earhart - lost in the Pacific

Amelia Earhart was the darling of the airways in the 1930's. She had a string of records to her name including being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic from the US to the UK.

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Resurrection - The Day John Died

There are a number of stories in the Bible of people being miraculously raised from the dead. The most important one for us is of course Jesus being raised up after three days in a tomb. 

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The Wright Brothers - First to Fly?

1904 was a ...

The Mini Car - a Revolution in car design

At the 1959 Earls Court (London) Motor Show, a radical new little car was unveiled - the Mini.

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The Battle of the Somme - an Allied Disaster

The Battle of the Somme in 1916 was supposed to turn the stalemate of World War One around in favour of the British and theirs allies...

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